JTSUFB – Advanced Bootcamp

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At JTSUFB our goal is to be a constant learning group, and school of elite fitness!

Our Advanced Bootcamp class is designed to take our members and athletes to new levels of physical fitness.

Participants of Advanced Bootcamp must be confident and capable with all basic 

movements including:

  • Squat
  • Pull-up
  • Press
  • Deadlift
  • Kettle bell Swing

Additional requirements:

  • JTSUFB has been a regular practice in your life for at least 2 months. (2x a week minimum)
  • You can serve as a model to demonstrate any movement in class.
  • Being confident and engaged to work and master specific skills including Olympic lifts, heavy(ier) weights, and gymnastics movements including pushups, pull-ups, hollows.

Students must demonstrate certain levels and skills before being accepted into Advanced bootcamp. These students are looked upon as leaders in their classes, even though they are not coaches.

Advanced bootcamp is limited to 10 members per class.

Advanced Bootcamp class time

6:00 pm Monday and Thursday

Advanced bootcamp is a perfect complement to your weekly bootcamp classes.

Advanced bootcamp is not a replacement of your current bootcamp membership but “in addition to.”

Advanced bootcamp is $90 a month PLUS your current monthly membership fee.

Advanced bootcamp starts April 16th!

Not sure if you qualify? Talk to Jeff and reserve your spot by signing up.