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Personal training is a great way to have a one on one time with a highly skilled JTS Coach. All of our coaches are highly talented, motivated and have a strong desire to help people obtain their fitness goals!

However, because our coaches are committed to offering their clients the utmost attention and high quality training, they only commit to a few clients each month. To find out more about our personal training, and availability please contact us at jowerstraining@gmail.com with the subject – Personal Training


Note: You must complete Intro-Diagnostic before signing up for our bootcamp class. Click here to find out more about our Intro-Diagnostic.

Are you ready to sign up for Bootcamp?

Bootcamp class options:

  • Bootcamp Bronze: 2 days a week plus Saturday
  • Bootcamp Gold: 3 days a week plus Saturday
  • Bootcamp Platinum: Unlimited class access

We have 29 weekly classes available. With multiple times available daily!

Other Packages:

Private Body Assessment package – $100

Meet with a coach for 1 hour private session. During this time you will have your measurements and body fat taken as well as photos. You will also spend time setting your fitness goals, correcting movements and accessing and correcting problems.

With this private session you will receive:

  • Body measurements
  • body fat testing
  • weigh in
  • goal setting and goal assessment
  • set goals and timelines
  • journal tracking
  • paleo/zone introduction or more in-depth paleo/zone
  • Body assessment
  • Functional and exercise movement screen

If you are interested or if you would like more information please contact jowerstraining@gmail.com with subject – Private Body Assessment