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Top Recommended Resources

120 bodyweight workouts - Take your workouts anywhere with these 120 bodyweight woods

Success Journal and Food log  - Jowers Training Systems success journal and food log

Daily Whiteboard – Post’s of each days WOD

Fat loss scorecard - Track your daily activities to see if they are leading to successful fat loss

4 Week Cardio Program – Cardio program designed to be repeated every 4 weeks

  – Supplements that really work



Robb Wolf – One of the top researchers in the field of Paleo

Everyday Paleo –  Mother of 3 showing how to live a paleo life with kids

NomNomPaleo – Easy to follow Paleo recipes

Paleo Plan – Simple way to make paleo easier

Paleo Comfort Foods – All the comfort foods you could want, made Paleo

Paleoplan.com – Paleo quick start guide

PaleOMG.COM -  Delicious OMG recipes

Mark’s Daily Apple  -  Primal living in the modern world


Zone Diet and Meal Plans – A Crossfit Journal article breaking down the zone diet

Zone Recipes – Classic zone recipes

Books We Recommend

Other Top Resources

Ancestral Health Symposium - A get together of the top minds of ancestral health and well being (videos)

Member Recommended Resources

Health Bent – “paleo recipes that don’t look or taste like dog food”